Security, Covert, & Spy Cameras

Pakatak are the UK's leading independent supplier of security cameras, covering a range of products from wireless CCD cameras, to miniature pinhole spy cameras.

Whether you're looking for a spy camera for a security or hobbyist application, Pakatak have an excellent range of high quality camera products, either as standalone camera products, or else as security kits ready or easy install.

Spy Cameras

Feature Spy Camera: 2.4GHz Spy Camera

spy camera

The PAK-724 is a tiny, wireless, spy camera. You can capture colour video and audio from up to 75m away and output to a TV/VCR/DVR for viewing/recording. More >>


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Covert Cameras

Feature Covert Camera: Micro Camera / Recorder

covert camera

This incredibly small DVR has a built in pinhole lens camera and uses a micro SD card (can be supplied with or without), it will record both video (in colour) & audio and is ideal for covert surveillance, interview recording etc.. More >>


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Wireless Cameras

Feature Wireless Camera: 2.4GHz CCD Pinhole Camera Kit

Wireless camera

The PAK-901 is a small, compact, wireless, pinhole lens camera. It transmits at 2.4GHz back to a synthesized "channel lock" receiver.  The camera has a CCD chip and offers a high resolution of 420 TV lines and it also transmits audio. More >>


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Pinhole Cameras

Feature Pinhole Camera: 2.4GHz Pinhole Battery Camera

Pinhole camera

The PAK-830K is fitted with a built in rechargeable battery, so, this colour camera is completely wireless, you don't even need a power source! More >>


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Security Cameras

Feature Security Camera: CCD Night Vision Camera

security camera

High Quality CCD weatherproof camera with 30 built-in infrared night vision LED's. The fixed visor/shelter helps minimize glare and reflection. More >>



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