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2.4GHz Night Vision Camera Kit

2.4GHz Night Vision Camera Kit
2.4GHz Wireless Night Vision Infrared Weatherproof Camera and receiver package. This night vision camera can operate in total darkness (0.00 Lux) with the aid of the fitted 12 high power infrared LED's. These LED's will offer a total darkness night vision range of approx. 5 metres, this range will be increased by any extra lighting in the vicinity.

This camera is also fitted with a light sensor and when the light falls below a certain level the infrared LEDs are automatically switched on. Please note, when the night vision camera is operating in low light/total darkness the images will appear in B/W. During daytime operation images will be in colour. This camera is weatherproof and can be installed outside. Installation is simple and output can be easily recorded with an ordinary VCR without the need for any other accessories.

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Versions available:
2.4GHz Night Vision Camera Kit - PAK-81224K
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