Listening Devices

A range of covert, hidden, recording listening devices and audio bugs.


Nokia 6120 Spy Phone

Standard listen in but also with text spy! Nokia 6120 Spy Phone

Nokia 6120 spy phone with pre-installed spy software that will allow you to listen in to surrounding sounds and also receive copies of the spy phone users' incoming and outgoing text messages.

When the Nokia 6120 Spy Phone is switched on with sp...

Nokia 6120 Spy PhonePAK-6120 169.99
6120 + Virgin PAYG SIMPAK-6120VS 177.99

Plug Adaptor Voice Recorder

Sound activated recording device Plug Adaptor Voice Recorder

This superb voice activated recording device starts working as soon as you plug it in (and switch on at the plug point of course!) and as it runs from the mains there are no worries about running time and battery recharging etc.

Simply insert a ...

Plug Adaptor Voice RecorderPAK-PAVR 199.99

Lawmate GE-40 GSM Audio Bug

Lawmate Global Ear Listening Device Lawmate GE-40 GSM Audio Bug

The Lawmate GE40 Global ear GSM listening device has been designed for covert audio surveillance.

Simply insert any pay as you go SIM card on any network and insert the battery. You can then call the GE-40 from any phone in the worl...

GSM Listening DevicePAK-GE40 199.99