Here at Pakatak Ltd we specialise in providing a whole range of specialist surveillance equipment and security system solutions for your home and business.

We can provide surveillance cameras and surveillance camera kits, offering both wired and wireless video surveillance solutions.

Feature Surveillance Equipment: Wireless Camera Kits

A selection of wireless cameras for surveillance, covert and CCTV installations. The range includes: night-vision, compact, micro, and covert camera units.

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Surveillance System

Our surveillance systems cover an exciting range of options, with the ability to implement most of the equipment to a wide range of home and business environments.

Feature Surveillance System: Wired & Wireless Surveillance Systems

A range of hard wired, colour cameras ideal for CCTV and security solutions both commercial and residential.

A hard wired system offers greater stability over a wireless setup, simply because of the direct connection between each camera and your DVR or VCR.

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Surveillance Camera

We have a specialist range of surveillance camera equipment, covering a variety of different a wireless camera heads and kits

Feature Surveillance Camera: Bodyworn Camera Recorder Kits

These units offer discreet bodyworn recording  and come in 'all-in-one' packages 

These systems commit the footage to SD memory card and the video can be copied via USB on to a PC.

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USB Video Surveillance

You can now set up video surveillance cameras, and monitor the outputs from your own PC.

With our USB video surveillance systems, you can choose from a range of solutions that suit you best.

Feature USB Video Surveillance Cameras:

USB video surveillance cameras

These wireless 2.4GHz receivers plug directly into the the USB port on your PC or laptop. Software included.

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