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New Ltl Acorn 6310 Wildlife Trail Camera Trap Imminent

As the largest UK distributor for the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife cameras and accessories we are pleased to announce that there is a new model due for release soon.

The 6310 series is expected to have a slightly different build plus 1 or 2 other new features – watch this blog and the Pakatak website for more details.

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Increased Ltl Acorn Wildlife Camera Range in the UK

As the UKs largest distributor of the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife trail camera traps and accessories, we are now pleased to announce that we are stocking a much larger range of the Ltl Acorn equipment.

At Pakatak, we have been stocking the popular 5210A and 6210MC Ltl Acorn models for many years but are now pleased to report that we have the new 5310 series as well as the complete range of cellular models (capable of sending instant photos to your mobile phone or email address).

A range of accessories including the security boxes for the 5210 and 6210 series’ are available as is the Ltl Acorn Solar Panel for increased running time for your camera trap.

The new 5310 series features increased night vision capabilities.  The 5310s have a  larger infrared array of 44 leds whereas the 6210 and 5210 series cameras have 24 leds).  There are 4 models in the 5310 series, these are:

5310A – standard version

5310WA – wide angle lens version

5310MG – cellular version

5310wMG – cellular version with the wide angle lens

As is usual with the Ltl Acorn cameras, all models can be bought with either the standard 850nm (nanometer) infrared which gives off the feint red glow or the covert 940nm infraded which has no glow.  The 850nm infrared will “reach” further but the 940nm can often be better for security purposes or human surveillance etc as it’s more covert and less likely to be spotted.

Pakatak are also now stocking the cellular models from the 5210 and 6210 series, these are product coded as the 5210MG and the 6210MG.

All of the Ltl Acorn cameras are fantastic for wildlife surveillance or covert remote surveillance where the running of power and video cables is not possible.  The trail cameras can be set to take photos or record video in light or dark conditions and are powered by AA batteries – field time of months is possible dependent upon how “busy” the camera location is.

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GPS Tracking of London to Paris Charity Bike Ride

Gary Izard left in the early hours of this morning on his charity ride from London to Paris.  This cycle ride is 300 miles and is to be completed in 4 days.  Gary is raising money for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and is carrying a GPS tracker from Pakatak Ltd.

Anybody that wants to track Gary across to Paris over the next 4 days can do so by going to and entering the password “londonparis” (lower case, no spaces).

You can sponsor this great cause by going to Gary’s charity page at

Pakatak Ltd would like to wish Gary all the best and we’ll certainly be tracking him across to France, he;s currently travelling at around 16MPH and is going through Westerham in Kent on the way east to Dover!

Good luck Gary!

Mi-Witness In Car Camera System

Pakatak Ltd are very pleased to be retailing the Mi-Witness In Car Camera System.

The Mi-Witness was voted “Best Buy” in the Sunday Times Dash Cameras section and is an approved Renault Accessory, so it’s certainly not not short of accolades and recommendations!

The Mi-Witness can save you money on your vehicle insurance and acts as a superb accident witness camera, helping to prove or disprove blame should an incident occur on the road.

Unlike many other in car camera systems the Mi-Witness is completely legal and will not interfere with your DAB radio or GPS device reception – something of a problem with many in car cameras on the market at the moment.

Ltl Acorn Wildlife Trail Cameras – UK Distributor

Pakatak Ltd are very proud to be the largest UK distributor of the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife trail camera traps and accessories.

Our buying power allows us to deal direct with the manufacturer of this fantastic range of wildlife cameras and so we can not only offer some great retail prices but also some very competitive trade prices too.

The trail camera range includes the ever popular 5210A and 6210MC HD model but also the MG and MMS versions that allow the sending of photos taken by the camera directly to a mobile phone.

There is also the new (released late 2013) 5310WA model which offers 720P video recording and a wide angle 100 degree lens.

The security boxes and solar panels are excellent accessories for the Acorn cameras too and we are pleased to say that here at Pakatak Ltd we stock the entire Ltl Acorn range.

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Ask Pakatak for the best Lawmate prices!

As stockists of the superb Lawmate range of covert surveillance equipment we would advise customers that we are always happy to beat any legitimate price they have seen elsewhere.

With access to keen trade prices due to our buying power we can often offer much better prices than those seen on the website product pages.  Items such as the Lawmate PV500 EVO 2 DVR, PV100 Touch DVR,  FM10 Clock Camera, WS10 Light Switch Camera, AC35 iPhone Dock Camera, AC20 Plug Adaptor Camera and many more are all available at discounted prices upon request.

Just ask and we’ll let you know what we can offer you.

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Charity Event GPS Tracking

Pakatak Ltd have been very proud to have our GPS trackers used for monitoring charity walks, runs and bike rides.

So far in 2014 we have supplied a couple of our Prime Lite GPS Trackers to Jonjo Heuerman for his “Boot it for Bobby” , 50 miles in 5 days football dribble.  Fans, supporters, friends and family were able to login to our live tracking panel and watch Jonjo’s progress.

Jonjo raised a fantastic £18,000 for the Bobby Moore Fund – he’s just 11 years old by the way!

Later this summer (2014) we will be supplying Gary Izard with the same tracker, the Prime Lite, as he takes part in the London to Paris charity bike ride.  Again, anyone that wants to follow Gary’s progress will simply be able to login and watch his progress across to France.  Gary will be raising funds for EDS – a rare condition (Ehlers-Danlos) in need of much research funding.

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Mobius Action Camera available in the UK

We are very pleased to announce that the Mobius HD Action Camera is now on our shelves and so available direct from an official UK retailer!

From the manufacturer of the well known and ever popular 808 #16 car key fob camera.

The Mobius is small, lightweight and a firm favourite with covert surveillance professionals and RC enthusiasts alike.

Record in HD 1080P in real time at 30fps (oe 60fps in 720P mode) with audio recording too!

There are various settings you can opt for within the menu software from recording file size to a time lapse feature for taking photos automatically every 1-60 seconds.

You can see how well thought of the Mobius Camera is just by doing a quick search on Google, you will find some excellent reviews including our personal favourite from Techmoan (click here) but there are are also lots of users talking about the camera on forums across the internet.  This is always useful as you get other peoples’ opinions and issues they may have encountered and resolved.

One of the fantastic things about the Mobius is that the manufacturer listens to feedback and tries to implement new features, when you buy the Mobius from Pakatak you receive a web link that gives you the English Instruction pdf, menu software and access to firmware updates.

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Spy Kit & Covert Camera Product Brochure

Pakatak have a 12 page hard copy spy camera brochure, this catalogue features their most popular covert surveillance equipment.

The brochure includes spy cameras, hidden camera systems, body worn surveillance kit, wildlife cameras, fly tipping cameras and GPS trackers.

The aim is to increase the catalogue to include more of our range each time we get low on the brochures, so send us your name and UK address and we’ll send out a copy.  You can contact us through the website

The catalogue also contains an online discount code worth £10 for use at the Pakatak online shop, so it’s well worth requesting a copy and best of all it’s completely free of charge!

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Sniper 2 Covert Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker

The Sniper 2 is the pinnacle in covert GPS trackers when long battery life is essential.  It can last up to 2 months in live tracking mode or for up to an incredible 2 years when the “battery save” feature of the tracking panel is used.

The most robust GPS tracker we have come across, the Sniper 2 can withstand being run over by a 40 ton truck!   This has actually been tested!  It is also weatherproof and can be deployed on a vehicle in seconds as it has 3 super strong magnets embedded into the casing.  All this battery life and strength built into the casing with small dimensions as shown in the picture below:

As usual this tracker uses Pakataks’ excellent tracking panel and so has features such as a 6 mobile phone number contact list, motion alert set (receive a text if your GPS tracker moves), live tracking or battery save mode, battery indicator (both on screen and battery low warning texts tall contacts), comprehensive tracker route history, ability to set zones (geofences), the list of features goes on and on.

Despite all of these incredible features the tracking panel is so simple to use, enable and disable features at the click of a button. Also when you send a command to your Sniper tracker you’ll receive a message back confirming that the command has been accepted – no more guessing and hoping that your new setting has been applied.

The motion alert is one of our favourite features, ideal if the vehicle or asset should not move.  You’ll receive a text if it does and then you can log in and start tracking live.  Great for your car whilst you are away on holiday and ideal for machinery that should not move.

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