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Ltl Acorn Wildlife Trail Cameras – UK Distributor

Pakatak Ltd are very proud to be the largest UK distributor of the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife trail camera traps and accessories.

Our buying power allows us to deal direct with the manufacturer of this fantastic range of wildlife cameras and so we can not only offer some great retail prices but also some very competitive trade prices too.

The trail camera range includes the ever popular 5210A and 6210MC HD model but also the MG and MMS versions that allow the sending of photos taken by the camera directly to a mobile phone.

There is also the new (released late 2013) 5310WA model which offers 720P video recording and a wide angle 100 degree lens.

The security boxes and solar panels are excellent accessories for the Acorn cameras too and we are pleased to say that here at Pakatak Ltd we stock the entire Ltl Acorn range.

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Ask Pakatak for the best Lawmate prices!

As stockists of the superb Lawmate range of covert surveillance equipment we would advise customers that we are always happy to beat any legitimate price they have seen elsewhere.

With access to keen trade prices due to our buying power we can often offer much better prices than those seen on the website product pages.  Items such as the Lawmate PV500 EVO 2 DVR, PV100 Touch DVR,  FM10 Clock Camera, WS10 Light Switch Camera, AC35 iPhone Dock Camera, AC20 Plug Adaptor Camera and many more are all available at discounted prices upon request.

Just ask and we’ll let you know what we can offer you.

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Charity Event GPS Tracking

Pakatak Ltd have been very proud to have our GPS trackers used for monitoring charity walks, runs and bike rides.

So far in 2014 we have supplied a couple of our Prime Lite GPS Trackers to Jonjo Heuerman for his “Boot it for Bobby” , 50 miles in 5 days football dribble.  Fans, supporters, friends and family were able to login to our live tracking panel and watch Jonjo’s progress.

Jonjo raised a fantastic £18,000 for the Bobby Moore Fund – he’s just 11 years old by the way!

Later this summer (2014) we will be supplying Gary Izard with the same tracker, the Prime Lite, as he takes part in the London to Paris charity bike ride.  Again, anyone that wants to follow Gary’s progress will simply be able to login and watch his progress across to France.  Gary will be raising funds for EDS – a rare condition (Ehlers-Danlos) in need of much research funding.

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Mobius Action Camera available in the UK

We are very pleased to announce that the Mobius HD Action Camera is now on our shelves and so available direct from an official UK retailer!

From the manufacturer of the well known and ever popular 808 #16 car key fob camera.

The Mobius is small, lightweight and a firm favourite with covert surveillance professionals and RC enthusiasts alike.

Record in HD 1080P in real time at 30fps (oe 60fps in 720P mode) with audio recording too!

There are various settings you can opt for within the menu software from recording file size to a time lapse feature for taking photos automatically every 1-60 seconds.

You can see how well thought of the Mobius Camera is just by doing a quick search on Google, you will find some excellent reviews including our personal favourite from Techmoan (click here) but there are are also lots of users talking about the camera on forums across the internet.  This is always useful as you get other peoples’ opinions and issues they may have encountered and resolved.

One of the fantastic things about the Mobius is that the manufacturer listens to feedback and tries to implement new features, when you buy the Mobius from Pakatak you receive a web link that gives you the English Instruction pdf, menu software and access to firmware updates.

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Spy Kit & Covert Camera Product Brochure

Pakatak have a 12 page hard copy spy camera brochure, this catalogue features their most popular covert surveillance equipment.

The brochure includes spy cameras, hidden camera systems, body worn surveillance kit, wildlife cameras, fly tipping cameras and GPS trackers.

The aim is to increase the catalogue to include more of our range each time we get low on the brochures, so send us your name and UK address and we’ll send out a copy.  You can contact us through the website

The catalogue also contains an online discount code worth £10 for use at the Pakatak online shop, so it’s well worth requesting a copy and best of all it’s completely free of charge!

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Sniper 2 Covert Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker

The Sniper 2 is the pinnacle in covert GPS trackers when long battery life is essential.  It can last up to 2 months in live tracking mode or for up to an incredible 2 years when the “battery save” feature of the tracking panel is used.

The most robust GPS tracker we have come across, the Sniper 2 can withstand being run over by a 40 ton truck!   This has actually been tested!  It is also weatherproof and can be deployed on a vehicle in seconds as it has 3 super strong magnets embedded into the casing.  All this battery life and strength built into the casing with small dimensions as shown in the picture below:

As usual this tracker uses Pakataks’ excellent tracking panel and so has features such as a 6 mobile phone number contact list, motion alert set (receive a text if your GPS tracker moves), live tracking or battery save mode, battery indicator (both on screen and battery low warning texts tall contacts), comprehensive tracker route history, ability to set zones (geofences), the list of features goes on and on.

Despite all of these incredible features the tracking panel is so simple to use, enable and disable features at the click of a button. Also when you send a command to your Sniper tracker you’ll receive a message back confirming that the command has been accepted – no more guessing and hoping that your new setting has been applied.

The motion alert is one of our favourite features, ideal if the vehicle or asset should not move.  You’ll receive a text if it does and then you can log in and start tracking live.  Great for your car whilst you are away on holiday and ideal for machinery that should not move.

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Prime Lite Covert GPS Vehicle or Asset Tracker

The Prime is an incredibly small and covert gps tracker with a built in battery that can last anything from a few days to several weeks, battery life running time is dependent upon how often you ask it to report into the tracking panel and whether you use the fantastic battery save mode.

You can purchase a weatherproof pouch that comes complete with a powerful magnet, the prime fits snugly inside this pouch and can now be deployed onto any flat metal surface in seconds – great for rapid deployment on a car, van, truck etc.

Login to the tracking panel using the unique ID supplied and you can see the gps trackers’ current location and look at route history too.  You can ask the prime tracker to report in from as frequently as every 5 seconds or as infrequently as just once a day.

Using the “battery save” mode you are able to effectively switch the prime gps tracker off for a chosen period of time (1 hour, 4 hrs, 8hrs etc) – after your chosen period of time the tracker will report a location, check for any commands you may have sent whilst it was asleep and then switch back into battery save mode for the chosen period of time.  This superb feature massively increases your trackers battery life above that of the standard live tracking mode.

Our tracking panel allows you to enter up to 6 mobile phone numbers into a contact list, you can then set a motion alert.  If the tracker moves each of this numbers will be notified by text within seconds.  The message will contain details of the current location of the tracker and also give a link so that you can track from your phone if you want to.

Your contact list numbers will also receive a text warning of low battery life (also indicated on the tracking panel) or the breaking of any zones (geofences) you may have set.  These zones are basically areas on the map that you have set in your tracking panel, if the tracker leaves a set zone you will receive a text to all contact list numbers (ideal for elderly relatives, children, farm vehicles etc).

This tracking system has pretty much every feature you could possible need but are all enabled or disabled at the click of your mouse on the tracking panel – incredibly easy to use and very user friendly.

We offer 2 excellent value ways to track.  The first is pay as you go, this means you buy position credits when you need them.  So if you’re not tracking then you are not using any credits.  To give you an idea of how inexpensive our tracking system is we charge just £6 for 1000 position credits.  You can buy credits by clicking on the “top up” link on the tracking panel or direct from our website

The second method represents amazing value and is unbeaten in the UK (correct us if we’re wrong and we’ll try to match).  You buy the Prime complete with 1 full year of unlimited tracking, so you can have your tracker reporting in every 5 seconds for a whole year if you want and you’ll pay for no top ups & no monthly subscriptions.

Pakatak trackers can be used worldwide in 147 different countries with zero roaming charges to pay, many trackers if taken abroad will mean you incur massive roaming fees – not with our trackers!  You pay nothing extra at all, just continue with pay as you go or the 1 year unlimited tracking option as you would if the gps tracker was still in the UK.

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New LIVE online GPS tracking panel – best on the market!

We are really pleased to be launching our new online tracking panel that will link up with our new, improved range of covert, vehicle, asset and people GPS trackers.

The new tracking panel will be accessible via a unique user ID which will be supplied when you purchase your tracker.

In 12 years of configuring and running GPS trackers this new panel is by far the most user friendly yet feature packed we have come across.

Below are just a few of the features of the new panel:

* Battery Indicator – ideal for covert surveillance as allows you to retrieve the tracker before power runs out.

* Change your trackers reporting interval time at the click of a button.

* See route history – find out where your tracker has been if you were not watching live.

* Set a motion alert  - a text message will be sent to all numbers in your contact list if your tracker moves (this is ideal for tracking an asset that should not be moving, i.e. your car whilst you’re on holiday – if you get a motion alert text you can immediately login to the tracking panel to check out what’s happening).

* Battery Save Mode – you can effectively switch the tracker off and ask it to come back in X hours or at a certain time of day etc – this can massively increase the battery life of your tracker.

* LIVE tracking – the usual live tracking mode allows you to watch your tracker as it moves in real time.

* Set a GEO-Fence – this means you will be alerted if you tracker moves into or out of a chosen area – ideal for heavy machinery on a farm or company depot etc.

All of the above features and options are done in seconds just by clicking on the relevant icon on screen.

These are just some of the features available to the users of our superb new GPS tracking panel.

We offer our GPS trackers in 2 different purchase options, you can either opt for “pay as you go” whereby you can top up your position credits as and when you need them.  Or you can buy our trackers with our 1 Year Unlimited Tracking option, this means that you can use the tracker as much as you like and will not have a single extra cost to pay for a whole year; no position credits to buy, no SIM card to keep topping up, no monthly subscription fees – you won’t even have to pay any roaming charges if your tracker goes abroad as we have programmed them to work in 147 different countries!

The above image is of our Bond GPS Tracker – no external connectors so completely weatherproof, built in 25kg pull magnet and the ability to store up to 10,000 locations so if your tracker is out of GSM network area the positions are stored and sent to the tracking panel later when GSM network is back in range so you never miss a thing- this is another fantastic feature that puts our trackers ahead of the competition.

Here is the best bit…..we offer our GPS trackers, PAYG & 1 year tracking options at the least expensive rates around – come and have a look here at our range to see for yourself.  We have tracking devices that are perfect for tracking cars, vans, trucks, lorries, people, assets – some come with magnets built in and others are tiny and ideal for carrying in laptop bags, luggage or in jacket pockets etc.

Whatever your GPS tracking requirements Pakatak Ltd should be your supplier!

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Lawmate hidden spy clock cameras

Pakatak would like to introduce these 2 fantastic hidden spy clock cameras from the professional surveillance manufacturers, Lawmate.

The Lawmate FM10 Radio Clock Camera can be plugged into the mains or powered for a short time from the built in battery, it can record HD video with audio whenever motion is detected and can hold upto a 32G worth of micro SD card storage space.

Virtually undetectable as a spy camera clock!

The second hidden clock camera in the fantastic Lawmate range is the TM10 Portable Digital Clock Camera with Built in Thermometer. This spy camera clock is so small it can fit in your pocket and the built in rechargeable battery offers upto 5 days running time in standby mode.

The Lawmate products cannot be compared with the many glitchy, unreliable, awkward to use spy camera clocks on the market.  The Lawmate brand assures the customer of top build quality, user friendly device whichever item they choose.

This is why Pakatak are very proud to supply the Lawmate covert surveillance equipment range.  Having been in the covert equipment supply industry for over 12 years now, we have tested and worked with thousands of products, Lawmate are at the top of the tree for covert surveillance in our opinion and that of many covert surveillance professionals including private invetigators and police forces up and down the UK.

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Selling your product to Amazon UK, not just on Amazon UK!

To be able to wholesale your product(s) to Amazon UK you need a Vendor Central account, this is not easy to obtain and you pretty much need an invite.

It’s easy to register and sell your products on Amazon UK through Seller Central but if you want to actually wholesale to Amazon themselves it’s much, much more difficult.

Here at Pakatak Ltd we have now been selling to Amazon UK for over 2 years, however there are things to think about before trying to get your foot in the door (which is extremely difficult anyway).

Amazon UK charge a number of fees for wholesaling to them.  Quarterly you will be charged a percentage for marketing, returns, co-operation etc – usually amounts to around 25% or something along those lines.  So you need to think about if there is enough margin in the product for both Amazon and your own company.

You may already sell on Amazon and be the main (have the buy box) or only seller for a product and so be making a healthy profit on your products already.  By actually selling to Amazon UK, you will probably find that you will make less profit per unit sold but IF Amazon start selling the item well and their marketing system gets hold of it then you will probably sell many many more units than you were previously.

You’ll also have the benefit of not having to deal with individual product shipments as Amazon will be buying in bulk from you.

If you think you have a product that could wholesale to Amazon UK then maybe Pakatak Ltd can help.

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