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Ltl Acorn Wildlife Trail Camera goes HD!

The ever popular Acorn 5210 Pro Wildlife Trail Camera, often used as a portable fly tipping camera, is now available in HD version – Ltl Acorn model 6210.

Previously the Acorn Wildlife Infrared Camera allowed you to record in high quality VGA resolution of 640×480, this has now been increased on the HD version to a crystal clear and crisp HD resolution of 1440×1080!

Not only that but the SD card capacity is also higher on the HD Acorn allowing use of a 32G SD card increased up from the standard 16G SD card.

As always this new Acorn Trail Camera offers video or photos capture both day and night, the night vision being aided by the built in infrared leds (available in both the red glow and the invisible IR version).  It’s completely self contained, uses AA batteries and time & date stamps all recorded footage.

Ideal for use in areas without mains power as the Acorn can run off the batteries for weeks and even months in certain circumstances.

EDIT – sorry forgot to mention, the new HD Ltl Acorn 6210 also takes an extra 4 AA batteries taking total capacity up to 12!  On top of that it also records audio aswell as the high resolution HD video.

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