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F2 Dash In Car Accident Witness Camera

Our F2 Dash Camera has had a very successful Christmas and New Year period sales-wise, not least because it was mentioned in the Mercedes Benz Club Member magazine as a great buy for just £20.  In fact the words used by the writer (James Lloyd) were “you can’t go wrong at £20 for this product”. […]

Spy camera hidden in coffee cup lid

The new CC10 Coffee Cup Spy Camera from Lawmate is an ingenious new idea and a first in the covert surveillance industry, though doubtless many will now try to emulate it. You can start recording HD video at the touch of a button without alerting any suspicion whatsoever! The coffee cup camera system comes with […]

iPhone HD Spy Camera

Turn your iPhone into a completely covert hidden spy camera system with is fantastic product built by Lawmate and sold in the UK by Pakatak Ltd. It looks just like a protective casing or extra battery pack for your iPhone but has a built in HD spy camera lens with video and audio recording facility! […]

Lawmate MU10 Spy Camera Mouse

The MU10 is another fantastic covert spy camera from Lawmate, this time built into a wireless mouse! It is capable of recording video in HD720P quality and has built in PIRs for motion activated recording and a battery that offers 7 days standby time! The Lawmate Mouse Camera will also record audio and so is […]

Vicovation Marcus 5 Dual in Car Accident Witness Camera System

Vicovation have long been known for manufacturing professional level in vehicle camera systems and so Pakatak Ltd are very proud to be official UK stockists of the Marcus 5 Dual Camera System. The Marcus 5 Dual by Vicovation is one of, if not the only, in car accident witness camera system that offer 1080P HD […]

Ltl Acorn 5310 wildlife camera series

The Ltl Acorn 5310WMG and the 5310 series security box have now been added to our range of Ltl Acorn wildlife cameras and accessories. The 5310WMG is the cellular version of the 5310 series and so can send pictures via text message or email but the 5310WMG differs from the 5310MG as it has the […]

Z8 In Car Accident Witness Camera

Our new Z8 in car camera system not only boasts 1080P HD video with audio but also has a 3″ LCD touch screen making set up extremely simple! The Z8 has all of your usual in car camera features but leads the competition by the inclusion of a couple of superb recording  modes not usually […]

New Ltl Acorn 6310 Wildlife Trail Camera Trap Imminent

As the largest UK distributor for the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife cameras and accessories we are pleased to announce that there is a new model due for release soon. The 6310 series is expected to have a slightly different build plus 1 or 2 other new features – watch this blog and the Pakatak […]

Increased Ltl Acorn Wildlife Camera Range in the UK

As the UKs largest distributor of the Ltl Acorn range of wildlife trail camera traps and accessories, we are now pleased to announce that we are stocking a much larger range of the Ltl Acorn equipment. At Pakatak, we have been stocking the popular 5210A and 6210MC Ltl Acorn models for many years but are […]

Mi-Witness In Car Camera System

Pakatak Ltd are very pleased to be retailing the Mi-Witness In Car Camera System. The Mi-Witness was voted “Best Buy” in the Sunday Times Dash Cameras section and is an approved Renault Accessory, so it’s certainly not not short of accolades and recommendations! The Mi-Witness can save you money on your vehicle insurance and acts […]