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Prime Lite GPS Tracker – Product Reviews

Pakatak Ltd have built up some excellent customer reviews for the Prime Lite GPS Tracker on Amazon UK, here four 5 star reviews of this superb covert GPS tracking device: “I’m very glad finally I found what I wanted , previously I bought few different GPS trackers just to be honest the cheap ones … […]

Cambox Mini Portable DVR

Our Cambox mini DVR is completely portable as it runs off either it’s own internal battery or you can use the wraparound 12v battery that is also supplied.  This palm-size digital video recorder is ideal for temporary or covert surveillance recording, you can even set it to switch itself on and start recording and designated […]

Pakatak spy pen camera review at Tech Lobby

Farhan at Tech Lobby has just finished a brand new and very smart video review of our spy camera pen. The review can be found here on you tube or at Tech Lobby. Let us know what you think of the review, we think it is very fair. Technorati Tags: 4g pen camera, pen camera, […]

Budget 2.4GHz wireless camera reviewed at Tech Lobby

Farhan at has recently reviewed our budget 2.4GHz wireless pinhole camera kit. For the full review please click here. It’s a very good, fair review of this 2.4GHz wireless pinhole camera kit although perhaps does not completely take into consideration the very low price we have for the product. Farham at Tech Lobby has […]

Price reduction on our mini GSM audio bug

Our matchboxed sized GSM listening device for audio surveillance and monitoring has been reduced in price. The audio bug is so simple to use you are up and running in seconds, just insert a SIM card and ensure the audio bug’s battery is charged.  You can then phone the listening device from anywhere in the […]

Spy pen camera featured in Daily Mail

On 14th November 2009 our spy pen camera was featured in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine in a camera feature. This 4G version of the pen camera is great for covert video and audio recording but also allows you to take stills, all at the touch of a button. It’s often used as a body […]

Top Gear in car camera system similarities

Was watching Top Gear on TV the other day and realised how similar the in car camera system that they use is to our own in car surveillance camera system. Both in car camera systems use two cameras, one external of the road ahead and one internal camera monitoring the driver and passenger(s). Our in […]

Our mini dvr camera, chewing gum camera just got even better!

Our new shipment of this mini camera dvr will be even higher resolution, now coming in at VGA quality – 640×480.  The mini camera will also allow you to capture video stills aswell as video footage. The micro DVR camera still comes with a 2G micro SD card supplied and is ideal for covert surveillance […]

The highest resolution 2.4GHz wireless camera?

480TVL is the highest resolution for a 2.4GHz wireless camera that we have come across.  This wireless bullet camera has a built in rechargeable battery. We would be interested to know if anyone out there has seen a higher resolution 2.4GHz wireless camera than this mini, bullet, spy camera. The built in rechargeable battery means […]

Nokia 3310 spy phone joins top 5 sellers list

Our refurbished Nokia 3310 spy phone has been very popular recently and this low cost covert listening device has just joined our top 5 best sellers list. The spy phone is ideal for covert audio surveillance as it’s just a refurbed Nokia 3310 model, so is very unlikely to raise any suspicion. The beauty of […]