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Selling your product to Amazon UK, not just on Amazon UK!

To be able to wholesale your product(s) to Amazon UK you need a Vendor Central account, this is not easy to obtain and you pretty much need an invite. It’s easy to register and sell your products on Amazon UK through Seller Central but if you want to actually wholesale to Amazon themselves it’s much, […]

Ski & summertime apartment in Borovets, Bulgaria

If you’re looking to do some ski-ing, or snowboarding or even if you would like a nice relaxing summertime weekend away from it all, we have a very nice 4 person apartment in the lovely mountain village of Borovets in Bulgaria. Borovets is just 1 hour from Sofia airport and offers superb ski-ing in the […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for your support over the last year. We have many new spy camera and CCTV products lined up for release in January so please come back and browse our site in 2010! Technorati Tags: CCTV, hidden camera, pakatak, spy camera

Tissue box camera DVR system released

The ultimate hidden spy camera has arrived in the form of our tissue box camera DVR system – great when your after a covert spy camera system. This high resolution spy camera system is completely covert and offers full motion detection recording for days on end using the built in, rechargeable battery. The covert tissue […]

Pakatak CCTV & Surveillance blog listed on

Our CCTV, surveillance and spy product blog is now listed at blogtoplist – if you like our blog please click on the “vote for me” icon on the left hand side of the page – thank you! Technorati Tags: cctv blog, security camera blog, spy blog, surveillance blog

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Pen camera spy cam – more memory??

The covert surveillance market is currently flooded with pen cameras.  There are a few different versions of this excellent spy camera out there at the moment. One of the confusing aspects when choosing which one to purchase is whether the pen camera has an internal memory of 4G or 8G etc – it may sound […]

CCTV, Surveillance & Spy products – best sellers

Our website automatically generates an online, top 5, best seller list of our CCTV and spy products – as at 23rd April 09 the list consists of : 1. Infrared Trail Camera (all in one unit, long life battery, weatherproof case, infrared, motion detection, stills or video footage, SD card memory) 2. 2.4GHz 7dBi High […]

Digital Video Recorders for CCTV

A DVR is the standard type of recorder used across the CCTV industry these days.  The capabilities a digital video recorder offers vastly outweigh the old time lapse video recorders and there is no question about which recording system you should choose given the choice.  Having said that, there are an enormous amount of DVRs […]

Wireless spy cameras – notes & info

Wireless cameras are often used as spy cameras as, very often, they are small and you have no need to run a video cable linking to your digital video recorder or other recording device. So the wireless camera itself will be fitted with a 2.4GHz 10mW transmitter.  This transmitter will send a wireless signal through […]