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CCTV equipment at trade prices!

We have been working very hard recently to increase our range of CCTV systems and CCTV equipment, adding top end CCTV supplies at trade prices. We have recently added the excellent Alien DVRs to our range of CCTV recording devices aswell as extended our range of the superb Nitedevil surveillance cameras. Our dome camera range […]

Intelligent CCTV cameras

New intelligent CCTV cameras and surveillance cameras are being researched within the UK. These CCTV cameras, it will be hoped anyway, will be able to “lock on” to luggage that has been left alone aswell as suspicious behavioural patterns in  a bid to help curb terrorism. Full story and video clip here on the BBC […]

CCTV catches men picking on cagefighter in dress

CCTV cameras caught a couple of men starting a fight with a man in a dress.  They clearly did not know the guy in the dress was a cage fighter out on a stag night with the rest of his cage fighting team! Don’t really need to tell you who came out on top! Video […]

Crime predicting CCTV cameras for buses

New CCTV cameras, designed to be fitted on buses, will apparently be able to predict a potential criminal before any crime has even taken place. The CCTV cameras will look out for suspicious behaviour – such as moving seats, closing in on another passenger, shouting at the driver, groups of young men together etc – […]

Ohio drive-thru theft caught by CCTV cameras

This is one of the strangest robberies I’ve seen caught by CCTV cameras. The car smashes through the front door of a shop, the driver then jumps out, steals a few things, jumps back in the car and smashes out through the back doors of the shop! Have a look at the CCTV footage here […]

Escaping murderer caught by security cameras

CCTV camera footage of a convicted murderer escaping from a hospital, after a visit for treatment, has been released. The CCTV footage shows Terence O’Keefe leaving Kings College Hospital in London.  CCTV footage here from the BBC. Technorati Tags: CCTV cameras, escaping murderer cctv, kings college hospital cctv, security cameras

CCTV camera footage of islamic centre firebombing

Bedfordshire police have released video footage captured by CCTV cameras of the recent firebombing of an islamic centre. The centre on Bury Park Road in Luton was set alight on the 5th May 09 and the CCTV cameras captured two men approaching and then running away. Luckily nobody was injured in the fire but the […]

NHS to trial CCTV cameras in A&E departments

CCTV cameras are to be installed in four accident & emergency units in Wales in a bid to help curb voilent behaviour and verbal abuse against staff. The trial will initially last for 1 year and will also include security cameras being installed into a number of ambulances.  The hospitals taking part in this trial […]

Renfrewshire police to use body worn cameras

In Renfrewshire, both police and council wardens are going to be using body worn cameras.  The surveillance cameras will be worn te help in the battle against anti social behaviour. Police hope that video footage captured by these CCTV cameras / body cameras will be used as evidence in the fight against street crime. The […]

CCTV at the G20 protests

Police watchdog has now said it’s chairman was wrong to say that there was no CCTV footage of the G20 protest incident in which an alleged assault took place. Ian Tomlinson was pushed to the ground by a police officer and died of a heart attack shortly afterwards. Initially the IPCC chaiman had said that […]