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Hidden spy camera price reductions!

We have just reduced the price across the board on our 3 radio alarm clock hidden spy camera systems and our new teddy bear hidden camera! The price has been dropped for the 480TVL, 520TVL and infrared versions of this impressive hidden clock camera system. Furthermore, we have also reduced the price on our teddy […]

New hidden mini clock spy camera

This mini clock spy camera is our newest product and is a great addition to our portable, hidden, spy camera range. It’s small and neat with a long life rechargeable battery built in (charger supplied) and it records to a micro SD card.  The card slot and functions switched are ingeniously hidden behing a swivelling […]

Stock in : clock camera DVR and tissue box camera DVR

Our two top selling hidden spy camera systems were back in stock today, although with a large percentage going straight back out to back orders! Another order with our manufacturer is in process and so both of our hidden camera systems shelves will be topped up again soon.  The clock camera and the tissue box […]

Radio alarm clock camera DVR hits best sellers list

The new radio alarm clock camera dvr has just moved into our top 5 sellers list.  This new hidden spy camera system is moving off the shelves fast and we are re-stocking as quickly as possible! The radio alarm clock camera system incorporates a high resolution CCD spy camera and complete digital video recording system […]

Hidden spy camera systems

We are working at building our range of hidden camera systems all the time and have recently added a couple of new spy camera systems to our online spy shop. In the past if you have wanted a completely hidden camera system you have had to use a 2.4GHz wireless camera built into an every […]

New alarm clock radio camera dvr selling fast

Our new clock radio camera dvr product has been a real hit since we realeased it for sale just a few days ago – our first batch of this hidden camera system has already sold out. We have a new shipment on the way and are already taking back orders. Another hidden spy camera system […]

Radio alarm clock hidden spy camera DVR now available

The clock camera DVR is now available on our website.  This covert, hidden, spy camera system has motion detection recording, a 480TVL spy camera and audio recording built in. After completing our testing of this product we have now released it for sale, it is the ultimate all in one spy camera system for around […]

Radio alarm clock camera dvr now on the way

Our new radio alarm clock camera with built in DVR is now on the way.  This spy camera should be top quality, using a 480TVL CCD hidden camera. The video footage will be recorded to an SD card (16G or 32G max) whenever motion is detected in the spy camera view. The usual problem with […]

New car keyfob camera and clock radio camera on way

We have a couple of new spy products on the way for testing.  The first is a covert spy camera built into a car keyfob.  The car keyfob camera could be another great addition to our spy camera range. The second product that we hope to be launching soon is a new covert camera built […]

480TVL clock radio spy camera with SD card recording

We are looking at bringing in, for testing, a new covert camera.  This spy camera will be built into a standard looking clock radio. The benefits of this spy camera is that the image quality will be so much higher than the usual type of hidden camera found on the market (480TVL!!).  The clock radio […]