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Ltl Acorn Wildlife Trail Camera goes HD!

The ever popular Acorn 5210 Pro Wildlife Trail Camera, often used as a portable fly tipping camera, is now available in HD version – Ltl Acorn model 6210. Previously the Acorn Wildlife Infrared Camera allowed you to record in high quality VGA resolution of 640×480, this has now been increased on the HD version to […]

Acorn Pro infrared wildlife trail camera

Trail cameras just got even better with the release of our Acorn Pro trail camera, ideal for use as a wildlife camera or any surveillance in remote areas where mains power is not practical. We thought our standard trail was great but the Acorn Pro IR Trail Camera eclipses it in vitually every area. Higher […]

Extra battery for portable wildlife trail camera

We are now stocking extra batteries for our wildlife trail camera.  This means you can have your trail camera running indefinitely on site without any down time. You can be charging one battery and have the other running your wildlife trail camera, then just swap the batteries around when you go back to site. This […]

Trail Camera tops sales charts as wildlife camera

Our portable infrared trail camera has recently become or best seller.  Often used as a fly tipping camera but many customers are using it as a wildlife camera. It’s being used a lot for remote locations without mains power in order to capture vandalism, theft and other crimes such as these but the majority of […]

Got any good stills / video footage from our infrared trail camera?

We are looking to add some customer captured video footage and/or still images, taken with our infrared trail camera, to the product webpage , so if you have any good stuff of either wildlife or crime situations please feel free to email them in to us at Any footage that gets posted on the […]

10k Council Fly Tipping Camera!

A local council reportedly spent £10,000 on a fly tipping camera or a surveillance camera to monitor fly tipping.  They could have had 60 of our fly tipping cameras for that price! To be fair, I do not know the specifications of the surveillance system used except that it was a hidden camera inside a […]

Infrared Trail Camera

This new addition to our online shop has so many different uses and recently enjoyed TV exposure on The Alan Titchmarsh Show!  We were happy to donate the device to a local sports club that was having some problems with vandalism. It’s an all in one solution that includes a camera, motion sensor, infrared, data […]