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Plug adaptor voice activated spy listening device

We have added to our range of covert voice activated audio recording devices with this excellent Plug Adaptor Bug Audio Recording product. It’s a voice activated audio recording device disguised as a standard plug adaptor.  The great benefit of this audio spy product is that it draws it’s power from the mains and so can […]

Introducing our new range of covert voice recorders!

Pakatak have recently introduced a range of covert audio voice recording devices, these listening devices all work using a voice activation record feature. The voice activation recording means that you save battery life, you save memory space and you save lots of time when playing back recordings because you don’t have to listen to hours […]

Price reduction on our mini GSM audio bug

Our matchboxed sized GSM listening device for audio surveillance and monitoring has been reduced in price. The audio bug is so simple to use you are up and running in seconds, just insert a SIM card and ensure the audio bug’s battery is charged.  You can then phone the listening device from anywhere in the […]

Mini GSM audio bug new shipment arrived

Our new shipment of our mini gsm audio bug has arrived so all back orders of this gsm covert listening device have been despatched today. The good news is our mini audio bug is now even smaller and has been fitted with an extra microphone for even better audio quality! This tiny, covert audio but […]

Price match on cctv, security cameras, spy cameras, listening devices..

At Pakatak we’re happy to price match on all of our CCTV cameras, spy cameras, listening devices, covert cameras, wireless cameras, security cameras – pretty much our whole product range really! All that we ask is that you send us a link from the website where you’ve seen the same product at a better price […]

Nokia 3310 spy phone joins top 5 sellers list

Our refurbished Nokia 3310 spy phone has been very popular recently and this low cost covert listening device has just joined our top 5 best sellers list. The spy phone is ideal for covert audio surveillance as it’s just a refurbed Nokia 3310 model, so is very unlikely to raise any suspicion. The beauty of […]

4 Socket UK Extension Audio Bug

Another new GSM audio bug released for sale!  It’s another covert listening device, this time the audio bug is in the form of a UK 4 socket extension. A SIM card is pre-fitted and so the covert audio bug is ready for use right away – all you have to do is call the number […]

New GSM audio bug listening device in stock

This new GSM audio bug has just been added to our range of covert listening devices.  It’s a standard 2 socket wall plate and so great for covert audio surveillance. Ideal for covert home or office audio surveillance, it is a standard double socket mains wall plate with a SIM card built in.  All you […]

New listening device coming soon

We will very shortly be adding a new gsm listening device to our current range of gsm audio bugs.  This is a 2 socket wall plate and so ideal for covert audio surveillance. With the gsm listening devices and audio bugs you simply call the number of the SIM card hidden inside the product, your […]

GSM Audio Bugs – stock note

New shipment tracking number for the gsm audio bugs is now in from the supplier.  So the listening devices should be with us in the next 2 days. Technorati Tags: audio bug, gsm audio bug, gsm bug, listening device