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HD pen camera launched at Pakatak!

We have just released our new HD high resolution version of the excellent covert spy pen camera. The new version now records video at a superb resolution of 1280×906 and will take stills at 3840×2880!  Still encased in a fully functional stylish pen and so is great for covert surveillance operations. The pen camera can […]

Pakatak spy pen camera review at Tech Lobby

Farhan at Tech Lobby has just finished a brand new and very smart video review of our spy camera pen. The review can be found here on you tube or at Tech Lobby. Let us know what you think of the review, we think it is very fair. Technorati Tags: 4g pen camera, pen camera, […]

Spy pen camera featured in Daily Mail

On 14th November 2009 our spy pen camera was featured in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine in a camera feature. This 4G version of the pen camera is great for covert video and audio recording but also allows you to take stills, all at the touch of a button. It’s often used as a body […]

Special promotion for spy pen camera and chewing gum mini camera

We are currently running a special promotion for these two highly popular spy camera products – the spy pen camera and the chewing gum camera. These 2 spy cameras are a couple of or best selling surveillance products – you get can pick up a massive discount on the spy pen camera when you purchase […]

High res spy pen camera now takes stills too!

Our 640×480, high resolution, spy pen camera now not only records high quality video & audio footage but it’s now able to record still images too. This is a new feature of our pen camera and makes it an even more useful, portable surveillance tool.  Literally a click of a button sets the pen camera […]

New spy pen camera stock arrives

Our latest shipment of the pen cameras arrived today.  This is the VGA quality, 4G version of the pen camera. So, the 4G pen camera is now back on the shelves! Our version includes 4G memory, video & audio aswell as time & date stamping. Technorati Tags: pen cam, pen camera, spy pen, spy pen […]

High resolution spy pen camera now in

Just received our latest shipment of the pen camera.  We are now stocking the high resolution version of this spy camera. Footage is now recorded in VGA quality, 640×480.  So video footage from this covert pen camera is now even better! Please feel free to send us any footage you have taken with this excellent […]

CCTV, surveillance camera & spy camera best sellers

These are our current top 5 best selling products from our entire range of CCTV,  video surveillance, audio surveillance, wireless camera and spy camera products. 1.  Infared Trail Camera / Portable Fly Tipping Camera / Wildlife Camera 2.  Pen Camera / Spy Pen / Pen DVR Camera 3.  2.4GHz Wireless Camera / Pinhole Camera / […]

Pen camera doesn’t have to be a body worn camera

The pen camera is ideal to use as a body worn surveillance camera however it can, and is, also used extensively as a static spy camera too. Everybody who works in an office, whether at work or a home office, is likely to have a pot or cup on their desk in which they store […]

Pen camera spy cam – more memory??

The covert surveillance market is currently flooded with pen cameras.  There are a few different versions of this excellent spy camera out there at the moment. One of the confusing aspects when choosing which one to purchase is whether the pen camera has an internal memory of 4G or 8G etc – it may sound […]