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Ltl Acorn Wildlife Trail Camera goes HD!

The ever popular Acorn 5210 Pro Wildlife Trail Camera, often used as a portable fly tipping camera, is now available in HD version – Ltl Acorn model 6210. Previously the Acorn Wildlife Infrared Camera allowed you to record in high quality VGA resolution of 640×480, this has now been increased on the HD version to […]

Extra battery for portable wildlife trail camera

We are now stocking extra batteries for our wildlife trail camera.  This means you can have your trail camera running indefinitely on site without any down time. You can be charging one battery and have the other running your wildlife trail camera, then just swap the batteries around when you go back to site. This […]

Wildlife cameras and birdbox cameras for christmas?

Christmas is creeping ever closer and as usual at this time of year our portable wildlife camera and birdbox camera sales increase as people start to look for gifts for their friends and family. Both of these wildlife cameras are great hits throughout the year but we always have to increase stock at christmas – […]

Promotions on wildlife trail camera and car keyfob camera

We have added some new promotions on both our wildlife trail camera, also often used as a fly tipping camera, and our car keyfob camera. These promotions both offer the customer a chance to pick up a massive discount if they buy a second product – often the case with the portable infrared trail camera […]

Wildlife camera for your garden

If you’re looking for a wildlife camera then the infrared trail camera is about as good as we’ve come across.  It’s motion activated and completely weatherproof, so ideal for capturing video footage of wildlife. The entire product is contained inside a weatherproof case (I left one of these in my dads’ garden for 3 days […]