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New complete CCTV System in a box

We have a new CCTV system on the test bench.  It includes 4 security cameras, DVR, cabling, UK style power supplies etc. This new complete CCTV system in a box basically includes everything you will need for setup and the price we have negotiated could mean a dramatic cut in the cost of a 4 […]

Price match on cctv, security cameras, spy cameras, listening devices..

At Pakatak we’re happy to price match on all of our CCTV cameras, spy cameras, listening devices, covert cameras, wireless cameras, security cameras – pretty much our whole product range really! All that we ask is that you send us a link from the website where you’ve seen the same product at a better price […]

CCTV shows guards allow Mexican jailbreak

53 of Mexico’s most notorious drug related criminals have escaped from prison.  CCTV footage taken on Saturday shows that the prison guards allowed the escape! The prison director and 44 prison guards accused of involvement are to be jailed. The escaping prisoners also stole guns from the jail on their way out.  At first it […]

CCTV released after rape in Glasgow

Strathclyde police have released CCTV camera images of a man that they would like to interview with regards to a rape of a 27 year old woman. The assault took place in the early hours of Saturday 18th April near Carrick Street and the Broomielaw. CCTV images and full BBC story here. Technorati Tags: CCTV […]

Birmingham killer caught on CCTV

The man convicted of murdering 2 sisters in a Birmingham flat was caught on CCTV cameras entering and leaving the building. 29 year old Mohammed Ali was found guilty after a 2 week trial and will be sentenced at a later date.  He pleaded guilty to manslaughter but not murder.  However the jury took only […]

CCTV, surveillance camera & spy camera best sellers

These are our current top 5 best selling products from our entire range of CCTV,  video surveillance, audio surveillance, wireless camera and spy camera products. 1.  Infared Trail Camera / Portable Fly Tipping Camera / Wildlife Camera 2.  Pen Camera / Spy Pen / Pen DVR Camera 3.  2.4GHz Wireless Camera / Pinhole Camera / […]

PTZ cameras : worth having as part of your CCTV system?

This question regarding PTZ cameras is one we always ask customers when they have enquired about going down the route of installing PTZ cameras in their CCTV system. PTZ cameras in the right situation are  superb (if you get a good one!) and will certainly offer some magnificent results, however if a PTZ camera is […]

CCD cameras & CMOS cameras – info

CCD and CMOS are the two different types of image sensor used in our CCTV cameras and wireless cameras. CCD is the abbreviation for “charged coupled device”. CMOS is the abbreviation for “complementary metal oxide semiconductor”. All sounds quite complicated but the basics when it comes to which camera you should choose are the  : […]

CCTV camera images released after attack in Surrey pub

CCTV camera images of 3 men have been released by the Surrey police after an attack on a man in the Priory pub in Bell Street, Reigate. The victim was left with severe head injuries after the unprovoked attack. This was a busy night in Reigate and police are confident that someone will be able […]

Car taking a dive captured by CCTV cameras

A car rolling off a ferry slipway and into the water was captured by security cameras in Dorset. The driver had nipped to the toilet but forgot to put the handbrake on!  Initial panic subsided (as did the car!) after it was clear that there was nobody inside the vehicle. Full story here on the […]