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Hidden spy camera price reductions!

We have just reduced the price across the board on our 3 radio alarm clock hidden spy camera systems and our new teddy bear hidden camera! The price has been dropped for the 480TVL, 520TVL and infrared versions of this impressive hidden clock camera system. Furthermore, we have also reduced the price on our teddy […]

New hidden mini clock spy camera

This mini clock spy camera is our newest product and is a great addition to our portable, hidden, spy camera range. It’s small and neat with a long life rechargeable battery built in (charger supplied) and it records to a micro SD card.  The card slot and functions switched are ingeniously hidden behing a swivelling […]

A new year brings new spy camera products!

Happy 2010 to everybody.  We are excited to be launching 3 or 4 new spy camera and hidden DVR camera products early this year. We have a motion activated security light camera, you know the sort that people have over their driveways or back gardens etc, only our product has  a built in spy camera […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for your support over the last year. We have many new spy camera and CCTV products lined up for release in January so please come back and browse our site in 2010! Technorati Tags: CCTV, hidden camera, pakatak, spy camera

Flashlight torch DVR camera and smoke detector dvr camera in pipeline

We have a couple of new hidden spy camera products coming in over the next few weeks. The first being a torch or flashlight with a hidden camera and recording facility built in, ideal for security guards but meant for anybody who wants to record on the move in a dark location. The second item […]

Special promotion for spy pen camera and chewing gum mini camera

We are currently running a special promotion for these two highly popular spy camera products – the spy pen camera and the chewing gum camera. These 2 spy cameras are a couple of or best selling surveillance products – you get can pick up a massive discount on the spy pen camera when you purchase […]

Teddy bear spy camera and DVR on the way

The latest product we hope to be adding to our hidden spy camera range will be the Teddy Bear Camera DVR – speaks for itself really but will be along the same specification lines as our other popular hidden camera systems : the tissue box camera DVR and the radio alarm clock camera DVR. Therefore […]

New mini spy camera in the pipeline

We hope to have a new spy camera to add to our range of surveillance products over the next few weeks. It’s basically a very small camera with a built in rechargeable battery, so completely wireless.  However, it has 3 unique selling points over and above the average 2.4GHz wireless cameras. Firstly it doesn’t actually […]

Stock in : clock camera DVR and tissue box camera DVR

Our two top selling hidden spy camera systems were back in stock today, although with a large percentage going straight back out to back orders! Another order with our manufacturer is in process and so both of our hidden camera systems shelves will be topped up again soon.  The clock camera and the tissue box […]

Radio alarm clock camera DVR hits best sellers list

The new radio alarm clock camera dvr has just moved into our top 5 sellers list.  This new hidden spy camera system is moving off the shelves fast and we are re-stocking as quickly as possible! The radio alarm clock camera system incorporates a high resolution CCD spy camera and complete digital video recording system […]