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5.8GHz wireless camera range launched!

Pakatak now has a range of wireless camera equipment that transmits on the 5.8GHz frequency. We have 5.8GHz spy cameras with standard 5.8GHz receivers but we also have a 5.8GHz receiver with built in lcd screen for live monitoring aswell as recording functionality, it even has motion detection recording and a remote control. The 5.8GHz […]

New features for 2.4GHz wireless night vision camera

Our wireless 2.4GHz, CCD,  infrared night vision camera has been improved with 2 new features. 3 new features if you include the revamped bullet style shape of this weatherproof, wireless camera.  The 2.4GHz wirefree camera still comes with a bracket, mount and a visor but it now has a channel selector switch. The channel selector […]

New mini spy camera in the pipeline

We hope to have a new spy camera to add to our range of surveillance products over the next few weeks. It’s basically a very small camera with a built in rechargeable battery, so completely wireless.  However, it has 3 unique selling points over and above the average 2.4GHz wireless cameras. Firstly it doesn’t actually […]

Price match on cctv, security cameras, spy cameras, listening devices..

At Pakatak we’re happy to price match on all of our CCTV cameras, spy cameras, listening devices, covert cameras, wireless cameras, security cameras – pretty much our whole product range really! All that we ask is that you send us a link from the website where you’ve seen the same product at a better price […]

The highest resolution 2.4GHz wireless camera?

480TVL is the highest resolution for a 2.4GHz wireless camera that we have come across.  This wireless bullet camera has a built in rechargeable battery. We would be interested to know if anyone out there has seen a higher resolution 2.4GHz wireless camera than this mini, bullet, spy camera. The built in rechargeable battery means […]

CCTV, surveillance camera & spy camera best sellers

These are our current top 5 best selling products from our entire range of CCTV,  video surveillance, audio surveillance, wireless camera and spy camera products. 1.  Infared Trail Camera / Portable Fly Tipping Camera / Wildlife Camera 2.  Pen Camera / Spy Pen / Pen DVR Camera 3.  2.4GHz Wireless Camera / Pinhole Camera / […]

CCD cameras & CMOS cameras – info

CCD and CMOS are the two different types of image sensor used in our CCTV cameras and wireless cameras. CCD is the abbreviation for “charged coupled device”. CMOS is the abbreviation for “complementary metal oxide semiconductor”. All sounds quite complicated but the basics when it comes to which camera you should choose are the  : […]

In car security cameras – good idea?

We are often asked about using in car cameras or security cameras inside a vehicle.  This type of surveillance needs a fair bit of thought in advance as there are a few stumbling blocks to this kind of spy camera system. Many people want to put a wireless spy camera inside their car to look […]

CCTV, Surveillance & Spy products – best sellers

Our website automatically generates an online, top 5, best seller list of our CCTV and spy products – as at 23rd April 09 the list consists of : 1. Infrared Trail Camera (all in one unit, long life battery, weatherproof case, infrared, motion detection, stills or video footage, SD card memory) 2. 2.4GHz 7dBi High […]

Increase 2.4GHz wireless camera range

We are often asked by customers how you can  increase wireless camera range on a 2.4GHz spy camera or surveillance camera system. Our 2.4GHz cameras use 10mW transmitters.  10mW is the maximum output power for a 2.4GHz wireless camera allowed (without a license) within the UK so without using a higher powered but illegal transmitter […]